SHIFU Plus (Super HIFU) is the best Non-Surgical technology, ever!


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How does the original HIFU affect the skin?

  • 100% Italian production
  • Stretching your face and arms
  • Insight into the body
  • The only modern technology that can replace the operation
  • The ability to treat the substrate of the skin (3mm-16mm)
  • A complete result in just one session
  • There is no stain, trace, redness, and bruising after the procedure.

Shifu Plus (Super HIFU) is the latest technology in the treatment of untreated skin, efficacy in face and body formation.

The meaning of Hifu means Focused Ultrasound waves with High Intensity. It is the only technology that has the ability to treat the Smas layer, which is located on the crush, without surgery. SHIFU PLUS absorbs and tightens the skin by transmitting ultrasound waves collected on this layer (smas layer), depth of 4.5 mm in the skin.

At the same time, it is possible to get rid of excess oils and skin slips that have lost their shape thanks to the unique headlines of the device that can penetrate the surface of the body 13mm and 16mm.

The original Hifu equipment is American and European production. The origin of the equipment manufactured by these countries is on the equipment certificates. Just look at the name of the country on which you originally issued your origin certificate.

The official representative of Italian-made Shifu PLUS in Azerbaijan is the "Lalisa Aesthetic" center.

  •  If it is possible to send 12 wavelengths to 1 skin in many devices, Shifu Plus can automatically send 120-180 waves to 10-11 lines.
  • Collagen and elastin synthesis are maximized as the focal ultrasonic waves are safely, parallel and accurately reduced to 60-70 degrees by the muscular-aponeurotic layer, thus maximizing the result.
  • Many Chinese-origin devices that are manufactured under the name of Hifu have proved to be no real Hifu systems. You can find out about the results of many studies on the Internet pages.
  • The depth of the original Hifu device is 1.5mm to 16mm, whereas the oldest generation of Laser and Radiotechnics is at a depth of 1-1.5mm.
  • Up to 6-10 sessions on other devices, the superior feature of Shifu Plus is the maximum result achieved in one session. Immediately after the session, the 20-25% effect is noticeable. The full result is obtained within 30-90 days after the session.

The result of the procedure is longer than the original ones. Persistence varies from 12 to 18 months, depending on the body.

The duration of skin stretching is 12-18 months. After this process, the skin returns to a healthier condition than it is because of the age of the skin, which is frozen for some time. Once the procedure is made once a year, the collagen and elastin proteins are always balanced, and as a result, the duration of the retention will increase and the skin will become younger and richer with the proteins needed.

No additional effects on the ultrasound waves used in the Hifu operation have been discovered. As we know, the condition of the baby in the womb is examined by ultrasound waves (USM) approximately 4-9 times within 9 months and no side effects have been detected. At the same time, ultrasound waves in modern medicine are also used to treat cancer.

Contraindications are:

  • Patients placed on cardio stimulation or electronic implant devices.
  • Pregnancy or Lactation cycle
  • Minors (16 years old)
  • Inflamed skin wound or active acne in the procedure zone
  • Have suffered severe trauma or surgery during the last 6 months
  • Patients with serious problems in the hearing system

It is considered as the most effective method for people who are deprived of surgery if they are contagious in the face, throat and body skins, after a certain period of time, in the lower abdomen, in the mouth, cheek and bumps, as well as in weight loss or after birth.

Any skin rejuvenation procedure (PRP, Micronidling, Botox, Dolomite, Mesotherapy, etc.) can be applied 10-15 days after the procedure.

Because SHIFU PLUS waves do not affect the top of the skin, it does not have a muscle-aponeurotic layer, there is no restoration and rehabilitation (swelling, redness, shearing).

The procedure is carried out in any chapter and any skin. Immediately after the procedure, the patient may continue his normal working and social life.

Another advantage of SHIFU PLUS is the ability to achieve maximum results with minimum pain. There is no sense of pain in the procedure except for light discomfort and heat sensation.

Doctor's admission and consultation are completely free.

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