Therapeutic cosmetology

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Therapeutic cosmetology

Therapeutic cosmetology is developing rapidly in modern times, with more modern and effective procedures. Experience in this field, professionalism, extensive medical knowledge should be found in doctor-cosmetologist for successful treatment. LaLisa Aesthetic enter,recognizing the importance of these criterias, authorized the cosmetology department to Dr.Farida Gasimova who has 17 years experience as doctor-cosmetologist, studied in Russia and many European countries and participated in a great number of seminars. We would like to inform you about a wide range of medical cosmetology.

The main advantage of the microneedling procedure is that the vitamin or medication needed by the skin can be easily applied to the deeper layer of the skin. Only in sunny and cool weather.

It is normal to have light redness for approximately 5 to 7 days after the procedure.

Although the outcome of the first session is noticeable, the procedure should be continued up to 4-6 sessions every 2-4 weeks.

Microneedling Procedures;

  • Skin Renewal
    elastic skin lost
  • light postakne scars
  • lightweight, stain and pigmented skin
  • wide porous skin
  • skin needs vitamins or moisture
  • anti-aging skin renewal (anti-aging)
  • acceleration of blood circulation

First, the patient's blood is taken in a sterile environment and the centrifuge is rotated at high speed and blood cells are separated. When the red and white blood cells fall into the bottom, the plasma, which is rich in platelets, remains at the top. This plasma is injected into the treatment area with a micro needle.

Pasient müalicədən dərhal sonra normal həyatına davam edir. Hər hansı bir yan təsiri yoxdur və hər zaman (hər fəsil) tətbiq edilə bilən bir üsuldur.

PRP prosedurunun göstərişləri;

  • Yara sağalmasının tezləşdirilməsi
  • kollagen, elastin və hialuron turşusunun sintezinin artması
  • toxumaların bərpası və gəncləşməsi
  • yeni və sağlam damarların yaranması
  • toxumaların qidalanması və canlılıq qazanması
  • yaşlanmaya qarşı
    piqmentasiyaya qarşı mübarizə
  • dəri dartılmalarının müalicəsi
  • dərinin hamvar və sağlam görünüş qazanması mümkündür

Mesotherapy is the introduction of some medications into the middle layer of the skin in a problematic area by microinjection. With this purposeful skin problem, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids
and other specialty medicinal cocktails. The combination of these ingredients in one-to-one skin increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin, causing the skin to lie down. It has no side effects and can be applied in the season.

Procedure instructions;

  • hair strengthening,
  • prevention of hair loss
  • skin rejuvenation,
  • giving skin moisture and radiance
  • opening of spots
  • cellulitis treatment

As the age progresses, skin changes in the skin and the amount of hyaluronic acid that reduces skin moisture is reduced. Leaves skin dry, non-greasy & matte
The bioremitalization procedure is one of the safest and most effective methods to combat these. During this procedure, hyaluronic acid restores the moisture balance, while the skin appears vibrant, fresh and well-groomed.

After cleansing hyaluronic acid, the skin's synthesis of hyaluronic acid gives long-lasting hydration and protection.

Results of Bioremediation;

  • the surface wrinkles open and the skin looks brighter
  • weight loss and rehydration after diet
  • intensely moisturizing skin is gentle and fresh
  • adds tonus & vitality to dry & matte skin

The process of peeling in the skin when applying one or more chemical substance to the skin is called chemical piling.

After the peeling process, the skin is healed and refreshed. This procedure should normally not be used in sunny weather and in summer.

There are three types of chemical peeling: superficial, medium and deep

The results of chemical peeling are as follows:

  • removal of stains
  • wrinkle destruction
  • loss of scars and acne
  • more radiant & younger skin
  • nourishing & moisturizing serums, creams and masks to achieve deeper levels.

Fill injections are a method that does not require a more affordable, safe and daily life than surgical methods.

Results of injection injection;

  • elimination of wrinkles
  • Creating an ideal shape, vitality and vitality for lips
  • correction of the nose form
  • perfection of face silhouette (cheeks, apples, etc.)
  • restoration and long-term protection of skin moisture balance

Botox is a bacterial-type medical protein known as Clostridium botulinum. This protein, previously used in the treatment of eye diseases, is a non-surgical, cosmetic method to eliminate mimic wrinkles. Can be applied any season.

Eye around, forehead, eyebrow, and so on. It is a very effective way to eliminate wrinkles by reducing the activity of the moving muscles in the nose.

During the face cleaning procedure, the pores of the face are first expanded with a special mask, softened with steam, the skin is cleaned by mechanical and ultrasonic method, the pores with a special mask are redrawn, the skin is duplicated and the specific part is drawn.

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