Laser Epilation

We use the latest versions of Alexandrine Cynosure Apogee Plus, US-made devices and is named the "Golden Standard" in Laser Epilation and the winner of the "Choice Awards".

Laser epilation

We have concentrated on Frequently Asked Questions about our Laser Epilation Service. Before contacting customer service, please refer to this section for your questions.

The LaLisa aesthetic center uses the Cynosure Apogee Plus, the most advanced device in American-made, laser technology. This device is named "The Golden Standard" in laser epilation and is the winner of the "Best Laser Epilation Device" award.

  1. It's more effective for the hair roots and the result is permanent;
  1. The hair root is not slowly heating, the hair roots are instantly destroying the active ending;
  2. The number of sessions is 2 times less than others (8-10 sessions in the face, 4-6 sessions in the body);
  3. Session intervals are longer (in the initial sessions the face is 28-30 days, body weight is 45-60 days);
  4. The head of the device not contacting with skin and so it's very hygienic.

Our device is not working with air conditioning gas (freon) so it's entirely harmless. The Cynosure Cryo 6 is used to treat the epilating process with natural, iced airflow. Therefore, the procedure is both painless and harmless.

The laser, one of the most important technological discoveries of medicine, has been used in many areas in the last 30-40 years.

One of these uses is laser epilation. Aleksandrit is a laser who knows a doctor's advice after the pilonidal disease operation.

There is no carcinogenic effect in the use of laser epilation. The Cynosure Apogee Plus device used in our Center is approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) and is being used in many developed countries. The energy produced by the laser is light on a certain wavelength.

This light reaching the hair root stock without damaging the skin and any surrounding tissues will not leave any residue in the body.

For laser epilation, you can contact us 10 days after the sunbathing or receive a solar bath at least 10 days after laser epilation.

Unfortunately, result of laser light is not effective for yellow and white hairs.

After the procedure, burned and dead hair roots may appear as black spots for up to 10 days in some of the initial sessions, 14-15th of the procedure is under control.

During a re-control session, the doctor will check the non-shedding hair, and the correction session will be completely free.

It is a very important to have a physician specialist who is able to properly adjust the device and professional, experienced, skin-appropriate settings for epilating.

You will not encounter such cases because of the fact that we have been in the center for more than 7 years by professionals working in this field. If the weakness is selected, the effect of the procedure is poor and the possibility of burning if the highest degree is selected. Our doctors are reluctant to find the "Golden Medium", relying on their experiences and medical knowledge in this field.

Because the face is more hormonal hanging, the number of sessions can be much higher than that of the other ones, since the blossoms are thinner.

  • If the procedure has been postoperative during the last 3 months;
  • The procedure will include fibroma, mioma, goiter  or any other open and inflammatory ulcers;
  • Severe sugar, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Ontological and Severe Heart Patients;
  • Antibiotic treatment 15 days before the procedure;
  • If Roaccutane is used for skin illness in the last 6 months;
  • Peeling has been used in the last 15 days;
  • Our physicians do not recommend laser epilation during pregnancy and lactation epilepsy during pregnancy and lactation (milking).
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