Body Contouring (Weight Loss)

Body contouring is done with effective, safe, original, and modern medical technology that has gained three categories of FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) certification. It is non-surgical, and the patient can immediately resume normal social activities.

Collagen Led Solarium

1. By boosting collagen secretion, the brand new Collagen Led technology prevents skin dryness and restores skin elasticity.
2. "UV safe emission" - It allows you to darken rapidly and completely numerous times thanks to filtered ultraviolet waves and vitamin D intake.
3. Proven long-term durability.
4. More comfort and cool cabin.
5.Original Italian production.

Nail, Eyelash and Eyebrow Care

Only experienced and TOP masters who have won the hearts of our guests with their works serve you in our center, giving you a pleasant aura.

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Eyelid swing (blepharoplasty) before / after

Our Secret

hekim kosmetoloq, goz qapagi sallnmasi

Jett Plasma Lift Medical

With the latest technology in Europe eyelid swing ( blepharoplasty ), wrinkles, scales, keloid, xanthelasma, etc., as nonoperative, non-bleeding full resolution of problems in 1 procedure.

Laser epilation

Smooth and clean skin without unwanted hair

We use the latest versions of Alexandrine Cynosure Apogee Plus, US-made devices and is named the "Golden Standard" in Laser Epilation and the winner of the Choice Awards.

  • 100% hygienic
  • painless and harmless
  • lasting effect

Our Secret

Face Lifting-SHIFU Plus technology

  • 100% Italian production
  • Lifting the face, arms, legs and abdomen
  • 10 years younger skin
  • The only technology that gives result same as surgical operation.
  • The ability to treat the substrate of the skin (3mm-16mm)
  • A total result in just one session
  • There is no stain, trace, redness, and bruising after the procedure.
  • 19+ years of experience

    Our cosmetologist has over 19 years of professional experience.

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    Traces of all types of accidents

    Operation traces

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    Wrinkles and spots on face

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